The Mexico City Reader (THE AMERICAS)

The Mexico City Reader (THE AMERICAS)Mexico City is one of Latin America#8217;s cultural capitals, and one of the most vibrant urban spaces in the world. The Mexico City Reader is an anthology of Cronicas#8212;short, hybrid texts that are part literary essay, part urban reportage#8212;about life in the capital. This is not the City of Palaces of yesteryear, but the vibrant, chaotic, anarchic urban space of the1980s and 1990s#8212;the city of garbage mafias, necrophiliac artists, and kitschy millionaires.
Like the visitor wandering through the city streets, the reader will be constantly surprised by the visions encountered in this mosaic of writings#8212;a textual space brimming with life and crowded with flA?neurs, flirtatious students, Indian dancers,
food vendors, fortune tellers, political activists, and peasant protesters.
The essays included in this anthology were written by a panoply of writers, from well-known authors like Carlos MonsivA?is and Jorge IbagA?engoitia to younger figures like Fabrizio MejA­a Madrid and Juieta GarcA­a GonzA?lez, all of whom are experienced practitioners of the city. The texts collected in this anthology are among the most striking examples of this concomitant theory and practice of Mexico City, that most delirious of megalopolises. Обо всём этом и не только в книге The Mexico City Reader (THE AMERICAS)

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