Louis Armstrong: The Life, Music and Screen Career, Scott Allen Nollen

Louis Armstrong: The Life, Music and Screen Career, Scott Allen NollenLouis Armstrong was not only a virtuoso musician, singer, composer and actor, but also a dedicated writer who typed hundreds of letters and reminiscences, carrying a typewriter with him on his constant travels around the globe. The man never stopped creating, and constantly communicated with friends and acquaintances. His unique verbal, musical and visual content and style permeated everything he touched. P Included in this extensive career biography are the major events of his life,his artistic innovations and cultural achievements, a detailed survey of his recordings and live performances, and in-depth discussions of his screen performances#151;not only his Hollywood feature film appearances, but his performances in short films, European concert films, and dozens of television shows broadcast from Hollywood, New York and Europe. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Louis Armstrong: The Life, Music and Screen Career (Scott Allen Nollen)

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