Film and Television Music : The Spectre of Sound, Kevin Donnelly

Film and Television Music : The Spectre of Sound, Kevin DonnellyThis major new study focuses on film music as a device that controls its audience by using emotion as a powerful tool. Kevin Donnelly emphasizes the manipulative and ephemeral character of film music. He discusses not only traditionalorchestral film music but also film musics colonization of television and the relation of pop music and film. Film and Television Music challenges accepted notions of film music as restricted to film by looking at its use in television and its influence in the world of pop music. It questions traditional assumptions about valued film music, either from name composers or from the golden era of classical Hollywood. Focusing on topics as diverse as horror, pop music in film, ethnic signposting, television drama, and the soundtrack without a film, this original study introduces a range of new perspectives on one of the most complex and fascinating aspects of filmmaking. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Film and Television Music : The Spectre of Sound (Kevin Donnelly)

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