William Klein: Paris + Klein, William Klein

William Klein: Paris + Klein, William KleinWilliam Klein always dreamed of living in Paris, like Henry Miller, Gertrude Stein, and other like-minded artists and writers. In 1948, stationed by the United States Army in Paris, he stayed--and fled his family and America to become a painter. He quickly found another family and recognition for his talent. Today, one is tempted, like critic Anthony Lane, to say that he is the American in Paris. PARIS + KLEIN gathers together hundreds of photographs shot by Klein from thetime he first picked up a camera in the 1960s until he put it down, momentarily, to put together this book. In his signature color and black-and-white compositions, jostled to the brim with more information than a single camera lens was ever expected to take in, we find: men in the street, celebrities, demonstrations, fashion, the police, politics, races, the m#233;tro, soccer, death. . .The whole life of a capital seen through the lively, acidic, melancholic, humorous, ironical, and moving eyes of William Klein.BR It takes a Klein to widen our eyes; if he remains unabashed about his game plan to get in your face, that is because the faces of Parisians are a more reliable guide to the place. . .than any map of the M#233;tro. -- Anthony Lane, The New Yorker P Essay by Anthony Lane. P Hardcover, 346 pages, 13.5 x 10 in. 241 color 91 b/w illustrations Обо всём этом и не только в книге William Klein: Paris + Klein (William Klein)

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